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Wednesday Series Starts on 30th

Saturday, May 26th, 2007

Most if not all of the fleet is in the water now with only 4 days to prepare for the first race.  Skippers, don’t forget, fleet dues ($60) and Wednesday Night Registration fees ($235) are due.  If you plan to use more than 1 helmsman, there is an additional $30 due.  All this is covered in the Tonini Series NOR. 

 Wednesday Night Saling Instructions are also available.  HEADS UP that we have specified a new course configuration to be used at the option of the RC in addition to the “WL” that we have used in the past.  Course “WX” is a windward-finish and “WX2” is windward-pin-windward-finish.

Race committee assigments are posted on the calendar page.  Belafonte is taking the first week.  Please check out your assignment date and work it out with Nick if it doesn’t work for you.

We’ve had a hand full of people contact us over the winter who are interested in crewing.  Some of them may show up on Wednesday.  If you’re sailing with less than the full complement, I encourage you to invite them aboard. 

 Finally, the Pilot Regatta is only two weeks away. Register now and start planning your crew needs.

 See you on Wednesday.


Trivia Answer; Trivia Winner

Friday, May 25th, 2007

If you look at the comments below the trivia question post, Bill Newberry has answered the question correctly. He was not, however, the first to answer.  The winner is Dale Robertson – the J24 District Governor for Eastern Canada – who somehow got on our email distribution list.  Kudos to Dale.  Either he’s very tuned in to te America’s Cup, or he’s a regular Scuttlebutt reader.  (Note that the link to Scuttlebutt is to the issue in which the trivia question and answer appeared and in which also appeared a blurb about Hall Maine’s hand in creating our new website.)

I also recieved a correct answer from Jess Harris, who is also apparently, a Scuttlebutt reader.  She actually beat Bill to the punch.  That’s what happens, Bill, when you get old and move to the PHRF fleet — you lose your reflexes. 


Canadian Nationals in New Brunswick

Thursday, May 24th, 2007

Today I recieved an e-mail from Sean McDermott in New Brunswick Canada: “Hi Howard, I was on Scuttlebutt this morning and saw the piece about your new website then remembered that it had been many years since we sent anyone to the Downeast Regatta and thought some of your fleet may be interested in coming to the Canadian Nats as they are in New Brunswick this year, a first. The races are run from Shediac which is a seaside community about 1/2 hour drive past Moncton, basically straight up the I95, hang a right on the Trans Canada highway, an easy day trip. Accommodations are inexpensive and the water is the warmest north of the Carolinas and also the largest exporter of lobster in the world which appears to be a draw for your fleet 🙂 I have copied Dale Robertson, our fleet captain on this.

More info can be found at: The dates are August 2nd to 5th but that includes measurement days that you may not need. Anyhow, an idea. I would like to see us send a couple of boats to the Downeast Regatta this September. Cheers for now, Sean”

I’ve put a link to their event site on our Events bar. I think it would be great if we could get a boat or two from Fleet 43 to go. It’s also an opportunity to build support for the Downeast with our neighbors up North.


Trivia: Free t-shirt to the first one who answers correctly!

Thursday, May 24th, 2007

First one to send me the answer to this question gets a free 2007 Downeast Regatta t-shirt:  What do the three remaining syndicates in the America’s Cup have in common?  Send your answers to

Launch Saturday 26th 8AM; First Race Wednesday 30th

Thursday, May 24th, 2007

Launch was postponed due to weather last Saturday, but will take place this Saturday the 26th at 8AM.  There will be no tune-up race this year and our first Wednesday night race is on the 30th.

We’ve also launched a new Fleet 43 website (  While much of the content remains the same as on the old site, the new site features a blog that we will use to keep you informed of news and upcoming events.  I encourage you to check out the new site and, on the blog page, subscribe via RSS or email, so that the news reaches you automatically.  We’re going to get away from sending these emails because maintaining the email lists is a major pain!  Its up to you now to stay informed.

You’ll also notice, if you click on any of the links to the Downeast Regatta, that Fleet 43 is working with Carter White’s Regatta Promotions.  This partnership is allowing us us to bring a professional approach to the management of this year’s Downeast, which by the way, is also the J24 District 1 Championship.

See you at the launch on Saturday or on the water next Wednesday!


Launch Postponed

Thursday, May 17th, 2007

With the forecast calling for rain and gusty winds on Saturday and strong winds on Sunday, we are postponing the fleet launch date until Saturday the 26th.  There is also some possibility that Handys will push us back to the 27th if they get backed up by the weather this week.  But for now, plan on 8AM on the 26th.
Sorry for the inconvenience, but after consulting with a couple of veteran fleet members and with Jay Hallet, we felt that the weather was going to pose too much of a challenge on Saturday.
That doesn’t give us much time for tuning up before our first Wednesday night race on the 30th, but pretty much everybody will be in the same boat, so to speak.

New Fleet 43 Website

Thursday, May 10th, 2007

It’s been several years since we gave our website a fresh look, so with Tom Hall’s gracious (and free!) assistance we’ve done a redesign.   Please thank him next time you see him.
Much of the content is the same.  You’ll find pictures and results from past years.  The home page will feature the titles lines from this blog which we hope to use to keep you informed and involved.  I encourage you to subscribe to the blog (see the left hand column) so that posted items are automatically e-mailed to you.  It will be a convenient way for all of us to keep in touch.
 If you click on any of the Downeast links, you’ll also notice that we have a new collaboration with Regatta Promotions, Carter White’s new venture, that will allow us to manage the regatta more efficiently and, hopefully, to attract more entrants and sponsors.
Also, I’d love to have some company posting to this blog, so if you’re interested in adding your two cents worth now and then, let me know.