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Midwinters Announcement

Monday, November 19th, 2007

Forwarded from planner of Midwinters in Tampa to all fleet captains, the following announcement . . .

As a member of the planning committee for the 2007 XXX (30th) J24 Midwinter Championship Regatta at Davis Island Yacht Club in Tampa, FL, I would like to extend an invitation for you to attend our event.  The event is a World-Qualifier One-Design Championship Regatta.  With the 2009 World Championships being held in Annapolis, we would like to
encourage you to attend our event to prepare and to participate in J24 racing.

The event is scheduled in February (8-13), and with a Saturday registration day (Feb. 9) and FOUR solid days of racing, the event promises to provide an excellent opportunity to have lots of fun and fierce racing.  We are scheduling a total of 13 races, and our race committee promises to keep us out racing as long as we can stand it. Following the event, there will be a fun-distance feeder race to St. Pete Florida to transition you to the next venue, the St. Pete NOODs. So in a little over one week, you could participate in two world-class one-design events and enjoy the sunny Florida weather and hospitality.

The event also promises to pack in a lot of fun.  With this event celebrating its 30th anniversary, we are planning lots of
off-the-water activities such as 1970’s night, a celebration of all the J’s that were launched during that decade (possible events include an Animal-House-like Toga party and special prizes for the owners of 1970 vintage boats), 1980’s night (possible events include a “test-your-crew” obstacle course and special prizes for the owners of boats from the 80’s), 1990’s night (possible events include a Cajun seafood boil), and last but not least, a banquet dinner with special appreciation for the J24 owners and crews who have participated in all, some, or other Midwinter events.

If you are debating about what events to schedule, schedule this one. Two events in one week represents less time off of work, and more opportunities to hone and to display your J24 skills.

Please contact Brian Malone at 813-842-0928 or respond to this email.

We are looking forward to seeing you at our event.

Take care,

Brian Malone
Fleet 86 Captain
USA 4190-Supernatural Fishslapper

USJCA Seeking Youth / All-Women Team Petitions

Monday, November 19th, 2007

 Forwarded through District Governors to all fleet captains, the following announcement . . .

 Austin, Texas – The U.S. J/24 Class Association is soliciting petitions from qualified J/24 Youth teams and All-Women teams to represent the USJCA at the 2008 J/24 World Championship.  The Championship will be held 5-13 June 2008 at Club Nautico Arzachena in Cannigione, Sardinia, Italy.

The solicitation is in response to the initiative of the International J/24 Class.  The IJCA granted each NJCA two additional world slots – one for a Youth Team (all crew under age 25 on the first day of World Championship racing) and one for an All-Women team.  These slots cannot be assigned for any other qualification method.

The USJCA Executive Committee will select teams for each slot based on sailing resume, experience in the J/24 Class, and financial means.  Teams are encouraged to submit sailing resumes for all team members, not just the helmsperson.  The helmsperson must be a member of the U.S.J/24 Class Association.

Cover letter, resumes, and any other supporting documentation shall be submitted electronically to the USJCA Office at email address: Deadline for submission is December 31, 2007.  Team selection will be announced January 15, 2008.

For further information, contact: Nancy Stark Zangerle at

Please RSVP by this FRIDAY NOV. 16

Monday, November 12th, 2007

Hi All,

The 110th Annual Empire Reindeer Club Christmas Party is December 1st.  Everyone that has sent me there mailing addressshould have received an invite.  If you still have not received the invite please let me know.  I need theRSVP’s by this Friday.  Thanks for your help.  This years party is going to be epic.

Nicholas Dambrie