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Fleet Fees and Food Survey

Thursday, April 30th, 2009

Many of you have already completed this survey but if you have not seen it-could you please respond.  Both skipper and crew feed back will help us set fleet dues as well as make Wednesday night food plans.

Thanks for your time!

J 24 For Sale

Tuesday, April 28th, 2009


  • Located in Harpswell, ME
  • 1982 J-24 hull # 3359
  • ’97 Triad trailer, excellent condition
  • Measurement certificate
  • 3 Owners:

-’82-’88 Lake Michigan, not raced
-’88-’00 Eastchester Bay , NY raced most years
-’00-’08 Stamford, CT and Harpswell , ME, Raced infrequently

  • Changes from original:

-Faired keel and rudder
-Hull stripped and barrier coat added in 1996
-Halyard cleats moved to mast
-Pole controls moved to deck near mast
-New Halyards 1995

  • 2 sets of sails (main, genoa, spinnaker), one working jib
  • Complete running and standing rigging, and boat gear
  • Price $ 11,700
  • Contact Tim Manny 617-293-3930 or

Districts Update-Get On A Boat

Tuesday, April 28th, 2009

There are now 14 boats registered for Districts down in Portsmouth, 4 from our own fleet 43 and we hope to add 3 more!

For those of you who don’t have a boat to sail on…maybe another boat is looking for crew!

So if you want to sail at Districts and don’t have a boat…comment on this blog entry saying you’re looking for a boat or contact Molly at and she will send an email out to the fleet.

It would be great to see as many fleet 43 members in Portsmouth as possible.

Crew For Your J 24

Wednesday, April 15th, 2009

Hey skippers and crew,

Just a quick reminder that the Crew Match Party is right around the corner on May 6th. It is a great opportunity to get some new blood out on the boat. So make sure you swing by. The fun and crew hunting begins at 5:30.

On a similar note, I have been contacted by some folks looking to get out on 24s this summer. Below is a bit of their background and their contact information. It would be wonderful to get them involved in the fleet.

Sandra Hayward-Sandra used to sail in our fleet with Jeff on Second Chance. She was middle position (launching and hauling in the chute) and is interested in returning to that position.
You can reach her by email at:

The Arrisons-Jamie and his wife are looking for a J24 to sail on either together or separate. They have been sailing out of Centerboard on a J 29 in the past few years and before that sailed with Jeff Dinse up in Camden. You can reach them by email at:

Lastly, Chris Follansbee from Portsmouth would like to join us on Wednesday nights. Many of you have met him when he has been up for Downeast or over at Lake George’s Changing of the Colors. He owns the J 24 Martix. You can reach him by email at:

I hope to see you all at the crew match-it would be great to see Fleet 43 there.

Race Management-How Tos

Tuesday, April 14th, 2009

The Portland Yacht Club is hosting a Race Management Seminar on Sunday May 3rd.

This is a great opportunity for J 24 sailors to brush up or add to their Race Running skills. Also, knowing Race Committee procedures can help with your own sailing and how you sail/prepare for a race.

Date: Sunday May 3rd

Time: 8:00 am-5:30 pm

Cost: $85 or $55 (US Sailing Members)

Check out this link for more information:

Fleet 43 Sponsers offer Sail Deals-Don’t Miss ’em

Monday, April 6th, 2009

2009 J24 Downeast Regatta Sponsors: Maine Sailing Partners/Vermont Sailing Partners and Hallett Canvas & Sails want you to know that the change in rules for 2009 allow Aramid/Kevlar genoas. Also, to be prepared for the 2009 season, District One Champs on May 15th & 16th and Wednesday Night Racing starting in May; it’s best to place an order soon.

All sail lofts are providing discounts on multiple sails purchased at recession busting numbers so please inquire directly with the contact person at each place for an exact quote.

Keep your money local in 2009 to help support our Maine economy!

Hallett Canvas & Sails 2009 J-24 Sails

Contact: Jonathan Hussey (207)781-7070

1. New Main –Dimension Polyant Dacron Square 245,No Reef, Class legal with Royalty tags, Sail Number, Standard Battens, Vision, Window, Insignia, Leechline, Telltales, Tube Bag
Cost – $1,727.80 ( 13% discount Included in pricing. Discount ends 4/24/09)

2. New Genoa -Dimension/Polyant Flex Aramid Laminate, Glued Seams, Leech and Footline, Sail #,Vision Window, Tube Bag, Cross Cut construction on Genoa
Cost – $1,544.45 ( 10% discount Included in pricing. Discount ends 4/24/09)

New Genoa – Dimension Polyant X-Tech Material, TriRadial Construction, Leech & Footlines, Sail #,Vision window, Tube bag, Glued Seams,
Cost -$1,761.36 ($13% Discount Included in pricing. Discount Ends 4/24/09)

3. New Spinnaker –Tri-Radial Cut, Contender Superkote 75 nylon, Sail #s, sail bag.
Cost – $1,704.05 (10% Discount included in pricing. Discount ends 4/24/09)

4. New Jib –Dimension Polyant SF 280,Glued Seams,Leech and Footline, Sail #, Cross Cut, Tube sail bag.
Cost – $1,141.21 (10% discount Included in pricing. Discount ends 4/24/09)

If you decide to order two or more sails we will discuss further discounts at that time.

50% Deposit, 50% due on completion of work.
Maine Tax not included in above prices, where applicable.
Quote good for thirty days.

Maine Sailing Partners/Vermont Sailing Partners 2009 J24 Sails

Contact: Rob Haile (207) 865-0850

1. J24 class spinnaker, triradial Bainbridge AIRX 650 or Contender Superkote 75, sail
number, class rule stamp, royalty tag, sail bag- Cost $1490

2. J24 class mainsail, crosscut Contender 6.52 oz. Polykote, RBS tapered epoxy batten set, spreader window, Cunningham, tack slug, shelf foot, draft stripes, sail number, insignia, class rule stamp, class royalty, tube bag- Cost $1585

3. J24 class jib, triradial Dimension-Polyant 265S HTP plus 6.2 oz. SquareWeave Dacron, RBS tapered epoxy battens, telltale window, vision window, draft stripe, Cunningham, class rule stamp, class royalty, tube bag-Cost $1235

4. J24 class genoa, crosscut Dimension-Polyant Flex 13P 4.9 oz. Pentex laminate, draft stripes, sail number, telltale window, vision window, Cunningham, skirting grommet, spreader patch, class rule stamp, class royalty, tube bag-Cost $1365

J24 class genoa, crosscut Dimension-Polyant Flex 13A 4.9 oz. aramid laminate, draft stripes, sail number, telltale window, vision window, Cunningham, skirting grommet, spreader patch, class rule stamp, class royalty, tube bag-Cost $1675

Multiple sail and recession discounts available!