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Series 1 Glasses

Tuesday, July 21st, 2009

The glasses are in!  We’ll give them out tonight.

See you all at the club.

Mid-Summer Meeting Notes-Please Read

Tuesday, July 21st, 2009

Mid Summer Meeting Notes

*Notes in bold

Monday July 22, 2009

5:30 in the Captain’s Room

I. Need for Rules and/or Race Management Seminar (in the fall, winter, spring)
Race Management Seminar-PYC will probably be holding another Race Management Seminar this spring; Fleet 43 will offer to help with this event in hopes to be co-hosts for the seminar.  Also Fleet 43 members will be encouraged to attend to increase attendance and to better the fleet’s race management overall.

Rules Seminar– The fleet will host this on their own but will open it up to fleet members, yacht club members, and other sailors.  Emily will speak to Dick Rose about doing the seminar or we will work through US Sailing.  The goal of this seminar is to better our own fleet racing as well as to host an event that gives back to the sailing community.

The cost of each of these events would be around $50.  We will finalize the arrangements for these at the annual meeting.

Sailing by the Rules in the Fleet– A friendly reminder to sail under the US Rules of Sailing and if a boat does not then you are encouraged to protest them (even on Wednesdays).  As written in the Wednesday Night NOR, the fleet, as a whole, will sit as the protest committee.  One way to learn/understand the rules of sailing is to use them.

II. Calendar of Up Coming Travel Events:

A. Northeast Regionals September 19-20th
Northeast Regionals will be held in Marblehead and will follow the Downeast Regatta.  The regatta offers a low entry fee,  a crane,  rooms at the Corinthian are going to be cheap for the event (or there are plenty of other places to stay in Marblehead), and Marblehead has one of the best Race Committees in the country.  This is a world qualifier with several of the boats that were at the Portsmouth Districts.  It would be nice to send as many of our boats as possible to this event because Marblehead boats come to the Downeast Regatta each year.   The more boats we send the more boats they will send to us.  It would be nice to have the boats planning to attend register well before the Downeast so Marblehead can see our fleet participation.

If you would like to go and need crew or would like to crew for another boat, please use the blog to get messages out to the fleet.  We can also make announcements on Wednesday nights.

Haul out-If there are not too many boats from away, boats going to Northeast Regionals can haul out at the end of the Downeast on Sunday.  If we have too many boats from away, there has been a fleet haul out scheduled for September 15th starting at 3:00 pm.

B. Lake George October 3-4th

Lake George already has 41 boats registered including Denali, Al, Steve, and Pit Party.  It is a fun regatta with a great venue.

C. East Coast Championships October 29-November 1st

Held in Annapolis, there are at least 2 boats from our fleet planning to head down.

D. Noroton, CT Regatta October 10th and 11th

E. Leafer’s Last Leg at Sail Maine October 17th

This was held in 420s and Ygnlings last year and they are contemplating adding J24s and Etchelles to the venue.  They will offer crane service to launch and haul the J 24s.  If you are interested in having a J24 line please let Stephanie Helms or Sarah Helming know.

III. Annual Meeting

At least one representative from each fleet boat must attend.  Decisions for the 2010 season will be made at this meeting so attendance is important.

A. Date and Time : Wednesday, October 14th at 6:00 pm
B. Location: PYC Captain’s Room
C. Set Agenda
1. Budget/Treasurers Report
2. Regatta Promotions Contract
3. Fleet Officers (Nominations will be sent out ahead)
4. Dues
5. Food
6. Trophies
7. Rules
8. Tonini Series
9. Fleet Membership
10. Sponsorship
11. PYC Update/News and Rules
12. Other Business

IV. Annual Awards
A. Date and Time: Wednesday November 11th at 6:00 pm
B. Venue: Same as last year, the White’s house/Potluck, an evite will be sent out closer to the date.

V. Doublehanded Regatta August 22nd
If the Trick or Treat gets in the water: To celebrate its return we will go with a Halloween theme.  Crews will wear masks/costumes etc.

A. RC: Tom Hall
B. Awards: Fun Awards
C. Food: BBQ and Potluck.  The fleet will supply the burgers and dogs and each boat will bring a side, dessert, etc.  We will have Sailor Jerry Rum and BYO Beer.  We are looking to have 8 or more boats to hold this regatta.  NOR will be out soon.

We need to take a look at the fleet grill to make sure it is ready for this event.  It may need a new tank or adapter, ask  Tony to take a look.

VI. Downeast Regatta
A. Create Planning Committee: If you would like to be more involved in the planning of the Downeast Regatta email Molly White at

B. Ideas for Improvement: go with something different from shirts or in addition to them such as winter hats, belts, shorts, a Downeast bandana, flip flops etc.  If we decide to do belts we need to purchase the ribbon up front and it will last for more than 1 year, this would be an investment.

Recruit more boats from away

Offer housing to boats from away: Nick, Emily, and the Whites will house boats, if you would be interested in housing please contact Molly White with details and amount of people you can take.  We will offer housing on a first come first serve basis.

Offer registration for the 2010 Downeast during this year’s check in and haul out.

Have our own fleet boats register early to attract more boats

Have our own fleet register for Marblehead early to entice more Marblehead boats.

C. Go over Jobs List
D.  Sign up for Jobs: Some people have already signed up for Downeast jobs but there are plenty more, due to our lower numbers it would be great if some people could do more than one job. The list will be available on Wed. nights.   If boats do not sign up a job will be assigned to them.

E. Sponsorship: We need more sponsors to create a great event as well as strengthen the fleet funds.  We have sponsorship packets so that fleet members can recruit sponsors.  Sponsorship dollars brought in by fleet members rather than Regatta Promotions keeps more money in the fleet.

We will start a “Friends of Fleet 43” page on the website, which lists any sponsorship less than $200 so that individual fleet members can bring in smaller donations.

Thanks to all who attended, we got a lot accomplished!

Series 2: The second series will begin this week and we will do the series 1 weekly awards next Wednesday when the glasses come in.

Mid Summer Meeting

Thursday, July 16th, 2009

There will be a Mid-Summer Meeting on Monday July 20th. The meeting will begin at 5:30 in the Captain’s Room at PYC. It would be great to have as many Fleet 43 members in attendance as possible, as there will be decisions made for the months to come. Please see agenda below.
When: Monday July 22, 2009

Where: 5:30 in the Captain’s Room at PYC

Mid Summer Meeting Agenda

I. Need for Rules and/or Race Management Seminar

II. Calendar of Upcoming Event

III. Annual Meeting

IV. Annual Awards

V. Doublehanded Regatta August 22nd

VI. Downeast Regatta September 11th-13th

Sailor Jerry Has Good News!

Wednesday, July 8th, 2009

Sailor Jerry wants you to know…

…that the Falmouth Sea Grill will be carrying our fleet sponsor, Sailor Jerry rum, as well as Hendrick’s gin.

So when it is not Wednesday Night, you’ll know where to find it!

Updates and Plans

Tuesday, July 7th, 2009

A couple of news worthy items to share with the fleet:

    1. James Cullum, PYC Junior Sailing Coach, has kindly volunteered to drive the Lindsay Lord for the fleet on Wednesday nights. This is a great offer because Race Committee no longer needs to worry about having a member on-board and does not need to be personally trained on the workings of the Lindsay Lord. James (Jimi) will be onsite to operate the LL only, all of the other Race Committee duties fall on the skipper and crew assigned for the night, such as setting the boat up, blowing up marks, setting the course, clean up etc.
    2. The waterfront staff has asked that all boats try to reduce their launch use. This simply means waiting for your entire crew to arrive before heading out to the boat or picking crew members up at the dock. Hopefully this will lesson the launches’ fuel consumption.
    3. Monday July 20th at 5:30 we will be holding a Mid-Summer Fleet meeting at PYC. We hope that as many boat owners and fleet members can attend as possible. The goal of the meeting will be to discuss the season so far, make plans for the rest of the summer and coming winter, planning for the Downeast Regatta, and setting the date and time for the Awards and Annual meeting. There will be a remonder and agenda sent out closer to the actual date.
    4. The glasses are coming, we are hoping to hand out the Series I glasses at the start of Series II. Thanks for your patience.
    5. Lastly, the PHRF Championships and One Design Regatta is this weekend. The weather is looking good and it would be awesome to see a solid representation of Fleet 43 out there-so sign up!