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Fleet Haul Out

Sunday, September 27th, 2009

The J24 Fleet Haul Out has been scheduled for Saturday October 3rd from 8:30-10:30 am.
Please have masts down and be ready to go.  Also please bring $50 in cash or a check made out to Handy Boat to pay for your haul out.

Etchells Haul Out If you can not make the haul out or would like to stay in the water later you can make arrangements to haul out with the Etchells fleet on Saturday October 17th for the same price.  If you choose to haul out with the Etchells please let Molly White know so that they will be expecting you.

Fleet 43 Meeting Don’t forget to attend the fleet meeting on October 14th at 6:00 pm at the Portland Yacht Club.  There will be many decisions about the upcoming season, so we ask that a representative from every fleet boat be there.

A Big Thank You and a Few Other Things

Tuesday, September 15th, 2009
  • Thank You-First of a huge “Thank You” goes out to all of the fleet members and volunteers that made this year’s Downeast Regatta possible.  It was a fantastic event and we received tons of positive feedback.  There are already 10 boats registered for next year’s 25th Annual Downeast, which speaks volumes to the level of quality of our event.  Nice work everyone!
  • Haul Out-I am in the process of scheduling the Fleet Haul Out. I am contemplating scheduling it after the end of the PYC Fall Series so that the boats that are not traveling can compete.  Feed back from boat owners on this haul out plan before the end of this week would be appreciated.
  • PYC Fall Series-The PYC Fall Series is held on the next four Saturdays and races are followed by chili, chowder, and drinks at the Portland Yacht Club.  Remember at the age of 80, George Tonini won the Lightship Race on his J24, Trick or Treat. Let’s get some fleet boats out there!  For more information visit the website.
  • Handy Boat Regatta-There is also the Handy Boat Regatta, which is this coming Sunday.  This is a fun main and jib race for family and friends, a Second Chance favorite.
  • Leafer’s  Last Leg-The Leafer’s Last Leg hosted by Sail Maine on October 17th.  For more information about this event see the website.
  • Storage-Lastly, Rich Carlson is offering winter storage in an un-heated Westbrook location for boats on trailers at $20/ft of boat length.  The storage runs from November to May.   You can not work on the boats while in storage.  Vehicles, RVs, etc are also welcome.  Contact Rich Carlson at 207-831-2392 if you are interested.

IMPORTANT-Downeast Job Breakdown

Tuesday, September 8th, 2009

2009 Downeast Job Break Down-Here is a breakdown of the jobs for the Downeast regatta.  Please read it carefully and share with your crews.  If for some reason you cannot perform your task please try to find another crew member to cover it.

This event is a huge success because we all contribute.  If you see something that could be done or a fleet member that needs a hand please help out whenever you can.

Thanks everyone, it should be a great weekend.

Food Shopping and Chili Making: Shelly, Laurie, Brookes, and Meg

T-shirt and belt Sales (also put merchandise away when finished: We will have men’s and women’s tee shirts, dry shirts and belts to sell.  Selling merchandise is an important way to bring in money for the fleet.
Friday 5-8 Molly and Sarah Helming
Saturday 7:30-8:45 Molly and Monica
Saturday Night after racing until 7:30 Kaighn/Impetuous
Sunday Morning 7:30-start Steve Neal
Sunday afternoon Jess and Andy

Award Set Up Saturday and Sunday: See Carter White for daily awards, trophies.  Daily awards on Saturday will be on the Junior Deck and Sunday’s daily awards and trophies will be on the front deck or in the great room (weather depending.) Brent & Gretchen Sullivan/Draco

Keg Care-Set Up and Take Down: Whoever gets in off the water first should set up the keg on Saturday and Sunday.  Please make sure the keg is taken care of Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights before leaving.  It can be put in the walkin in the kitchen  at the end of each night.
Friday afternoon-night Stephanie Helms and Mike Willett
Saturday afternoon-night Stephanie Helms and Mike Willett
Sunday afternoon Stephanie Helms and Nick Dambrie

Snack Duty (set up and clean up): See Shelly for location of snacks and bowls.
Friday afternoon Shelly, Meg, Brookes and Laurie
Saturday afternoon Jess and Andy
Sunday afternoon Jess and Andy

Check-In/ Weigh In
Friday 4-8 and Saturday 7:30-skippers
meeting Molly and Carter White

Launch and Haul at Handy’s: Trailers should first be stored in the upper lot at Handy’s  and then over flow can be parked along the fence at PYC or maybe in the field.  For haul out the cars should have a matching hull number card in their dash so that we can make sure that the trailer matches the boat being hauled.
Friday 2-6 Rich Degrandpre, Nick Dambrie, and Mike Willett
Saturday 7:30-9:00 (by appointment only-as of right now there are no boats) Rich Degrandpre, Nick Dambrie, and Mike Willett
Sunday after Racing (keep a radio on ch 72 to update on progress and awards time-boats traveling to Marblehead & Lake George should plan to haul out as well) Rich Degrandpre, Wabi Sabi, and Sullivans

Mooring Coordination Bob Putnam and Launch Drivers

BBQ Set Up
(We can use the Junior Grill if we can’t find our tank) Denali Crew-Tony will buy the food.  Molly has ketchup, mustard and relish.

Provisioning RC and Mark boats for Saturday and Sunday: There will be a total of 7 people for each day give Shelly the receipt for reimbursement Terry Naylon and Matt Blakeman (decide between you which day you want)

Breakfast Saturday and Sunday Pit Party

Clean up: Please leave the club better than the way you found it.
Friday Night: Junior deck/room and captain’s room Bad Apple
Sat/Sunday breakfast Pit Party
Saturday After Dinner: Clear tables empty trash into dumpster and replace with new bags.  Wipe down wooden tables, and break down white tables on the deck for dancing.  Mr. Hankey and Flying Chicken
Saturday After Party: Clear and wipe down all surfaces, throw away trash, take trash out to dumpster, replace trash bags, and close all windows and door.  Wabi Sabi, Al, Impetuous, and Bouncing Betty
Sunday: Break down tables and throw all trash away Denali


Friday Meg, Shelly, and Laurie

Saturday Gritty’s and Steph

Sunday BBQ Denali

Bartending: A club member or staff member must be bartending at all time.
Friday Night 5-8 Rum-Bad Apple Crew and Beer-Scott Smithwick, (5:00-6:00) Andrew Gibbons (7:00-8:00), and Mark Waite (6:00-7:00)
Saturday Night 5-10 Rum-PYC Bartender and Beer-Ed Rowe (7:00-8:00), Skip (6:00-7:00) and Wendy Yale (5:00-6:00), Bill Newberry (8:00-9:00), Dave Robinson or Mark Klein (9:00-10:00)
Sunday afternoon 3-6 Mark Klein (4:00-5:00), Carter White (5:00-6:00), Tom Hall (3:00-when off the water-4:00) (any other PYC Fleet 43 sailors please fill in if necessary)

Scoring Stephanie Helms (unless Mark wants to do it on the LL)

RC Mark Toso (PRO), Rick and Cis Tonks, Greg Carville
Mark Boat 1 Skip Yale
Mark Boat 2 Scott & Shirley Fox

Protest Committee Bill Newberry (facilitator), Greg Carville, Andrew Gibbonn, & Sarah Helming.

Photo Boat James Cullum & Kieth Luke

Fleet Grill APB

Sunday, September 6th, 2009

Has anyone seen the tank that goes to the Fleet 43 grill.  We need it for this Sunday’s BBQ.

If you have any info regarding its whereabouts please email Molly at