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Mark Your Calenders

Thursday, April 29th, 2010

Here a few upcoming important dates:

May 5th-Points East Crew Match 5:30-7:30 at Handy Boat Service

May 8th-PYC Spring Clean Up starts at 8:30 am

May 22nd-Fleet 43 Launch at Handy Boat begins at 8:00 am please bring $50

May 22-23-District One Championships in Scituate, MA

May 26th-First Wednesday Night Race/Fleet Dues must be paid

Time to start thinking about sailing…

Thursday, April 22nd, 2010

Time to get sailing on the brain!

The calendar has been updated:

Please take the time to review it and make note of assigned RC dates.

The fleet fees have been set:

Fleet dues $100 (includes and alternate skipper)

Wednesday Night Series 1 and 2: $30 each for a total of $60

Food for skipper and crew (optional): $280 (more than 8 boats participating $250)

Launch will be here sooner than you think:

The fleet launch is scheduled for Saturday, May 22nd beginning at 8:00 am

Make sure to have $50 to pay for the launch.

Brush up on your rules:

Don’t miss the fleet sponsored evening with Dick Rose on June 21st

Some folks are looking to crew-let’s get ’em on board!



Starrrboarrrd!!! Crunch – Ouch….

Tuesday, April 20th, 2010

Are bumper-boats at the leeward mark getting old?
Do you notice people giggling when you mention “mast a beam”?
Are you confused when boats start spouting rules and numbers at you on the race course?
Are you concerned by the intentions of approaching port takers?
Do you just feel like folks aren’t following the rules?
Well Fleet 43 has a solution for you!

J24 Fleet 43 presents
An Evening with Dick Rose
Rules Seminar

When: Monday June 21st, 2010
Time: 5:30-8:30 pm
Where: The Black Point Inn, Scarborough
What: Dick Rose, Sailing World columnist, member of US Sailing and ISAF Racing Rules Committees, and dinghy sailor, will present a three hour seminar on the Racing Rules of Sailing.  The Seminar will help sailors understand the rule book, learn to problem solve on and off the race course, and address specific situations we find ourselves in while racing.  Dick is well known all over the world for his work in the area of racing rules and is not to be missed.
Who: Any sailors and sailboat racers!
Cost: $35.00 per person (a light dinner will be provided)

Contact your crew, family, and friends.  There is a maximum of 45 seats, so please get your registrations in early for this event.

Click here to Register Registrations are processed by Regatta Promotions.

Currently there are 12 people registered for this seminar.

Sail Maine will be hosting Dick Rose on Tuesday June 22nd for a seminar focused on Junior and High School Sailing, for more information about this event visit the Sail Maine website.