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Haul Out Reminder

Monday, September 20th, 2010

Don’t forget that the first Fleet 43 and Etchelles haul out will begin at 8:00 am Saturday September 25th at Handy Boat.

Please be sure to bring your $50 haul out fee.

Also, we seem to be missing one of the two gin-poles (the one that was a mast.)  If you know where it is please return it so that folks can get their masts down for haul out.

Haul Out Clarification

Tuesday, September 7th, 2010

I understand that some fleet boats want to come out before October 23rd. So I have arranged an earlier fleet haul out with Handy Boat on Saturday September 25th starting at 8:00 am.

To be clear, the only boats that will be hauling out on the Sunday after the Downeast are the visiting competitors and fleet 43 boats that are registered for Nationals.  Boats traveling to Lake George can haul out on the 25th of September.

I have spoken to Jay Hallett about this and hauling the thirteen boats on Sunday is his max.

Below is the current haul out schedule:

Sunday September 12th-Boats registered for Nationals can haul out after the boats from away
Saturday September 25th (8:00 am)-Any Fleet 43 boat or Etchelles can be hauled out
Saturday October 23rd (8:00 am)-Any Fleet 43 boat or Etchelles can be hauled out

Schedule of Volunteers for Downeast Regatta

Monday, September 6th, 2010

Before Friday September 10th:

Food Shopping for regatta: Meg F., Shelly, and Laurie

Make Chili: Meg F., Shelly, and Laurie

Glue Ribbon onto hats: Wednesday Night

Put together skippers packets Wedenesday: Sarah Helming

Housing Away boats Friday and Saturday Night-Please get me addresses and phone numbers so I can put together directions for them:


Ketchum-High Five

Harris-Dog Fish



Race Committee be at club by 8:00 Saturday/Sunday am:

Mark Toso PRO

The Blackwells

Greg Carville

Mark Boats be at club by 8:00 Saturday/Sunday am -on the water marks and help blowing them up:

Tim Tolford

Skip Yale

Protest Committee:

Tim Tolford, Greg Carville and Tony Jessen

Photo Boat Sunday: Shirley Fox

Friday September 10th:

Merchandise Sales (4:00-8:00)-Includes set up and take down depending on shift:

4:00-5:30 Molly White, 5:30-6:30 Andi Sawall, 6:30-8:00 Jess Harris

Hat Sales at Launch HBS (4:00-6:00)-hopefully it will be hot and folks will need some head shade:

3:00-6:00 Rich Ketchum

Snack Duty-See Shelly Paules for snack location and bowls. Fill and refill snacks

4:00 or 5:00 Jess Harris and Bad Apple Crew

Check in-weigh in:

4:00-8:00 Carter and Molly White

Launch and HBS

2:00-6:00 Terry Naylon, Brent Sullivan, Rich Degrandpre?

Mooring Coordination:

Bob Putnam and Launch Drivers

Keg Set up:

4:00 Steph Helms or when Steph shows up

Bartenders (Beer and Rum) Self serve beer but pour drinks:

5:00-6:30 Ed Rowe and Tony Jessen

6:30-8:00 Scott Smithwick and Eric Hayward

Clean Up after 8:00 and set up tables:

Bad Apple Crew and Molly White, Jess Harris

Put Away Keg after 8:00 in walk in cooler in Kitchen

Rich Ketchum

Saturday September 11th

Merchandise Sales 7:30-skipper’s meeting: Molly White

Check in and weigh in: Carter and Molly White

Launch at HBS (on appointment only) 7:30-9:00:Terry Naylon and Brent Sullivan

Buy Sandwiches for RC and Mark Boat: Eric Hayward (6 sandwiches)–Shelly will provide drinks and snacks

Breakfast set up before 7:30: Rich Carlson and crew

Breakfast clean up (after 9:30): Ketchums

Award Set Up by afternoon: Carter White

Keg Set Up (immediately following racing) it will be in PYC kitchen walk in: Eric Hayward

Snack Duty (immediately following racing) see Shelly for snack and bowl location: Andrew Carey and Rebecca

Bartenders (beer and rum) Self serve beer but pour drinks:

6-7: Nick Dambrie and Ed Rowe

7-8: Meg and Howard Coon

8-9: Steve Neal and Scott Smithwick

9-10: Mark Klein and Eric Hayward

Merchandise Sales 6:00-9:00-will need to set up and clean up based on shift:

5:00-6:00: Steve Neal

6:00-7:00: Emily Kalkstein

7:00-8:00: Rebecca

Dinner Clean Up (After Dinner)-Involves emptying trash to dumpster, replacing trash bags, clearing tables, wiping down tables, putting away tables and chairs to clear way for band.

Crew: Erica Spencer, Lorien Connor, Emily K, Jess Harris, Andi Sawall, Chuck Haight, Mike Willett

After Party Clean Up (After 10:00)-Involves emptying trash to dumpster, replacing trash bags, wiping down table, picking up trash and cups, and vacuuming.

Crew: Kaighn, Mark Klien, Chuck Haight, Molly White, Carter White, Jess Harris

Sunday September 12th

Merhandise Sales (7:30-8:45) Molly White

During Awards 4:00-5:00 Kelly Smith, 5:00-6:00 Andrew Stern

Buy Sandwiches for RC and Mark Boats: Emily Kalkstein

Breakfast Set Up (before 7:30): Jess Harris

Breakfast Clean up after Harbor start: Ketchums

Award Set Up at HBS (immediatly following racing)Bring to HBS: Jeff Smith and Terry Naylon

Keg Set up (immediately following racing) will be located in pyc walkin bring to HBS: Rich Ketchum

Keg Take Down after awards: Steph Helms

Snack Duty (immediately following racing) put in car before sailing and bring to HBS after sailing: Andrew Carey and Rebecca

Haul out duty after racing: Brent Sullivan and Ben Donahue

BBQ set up and cooking (following haul out and racing) get food from PYC walk-in and bring to HBS: Gretchen Sullivan, Sarah Helming, Wabi Sabi crew

Bartenders (immediately following racing) bring mixers, rum, cups, ice: Molly White

Clean Up after awards-involves picking up trash, emptying trash bags and leaving location cleaner than before: Andi Sawall, Terry and Jeff Smith

Shuttle coordinator: (Schedule in progress)

Friday- 8:00 leaves PYC

Stops at Falmouth In

Possibly at housing ?

Stop in Old Port


9:00 leaves PYC

to Old Port

10:00 leaves PYC

Stops at housing ?

Old Port

11:00 leaves PYC

Stops at housing

Old Port

11:30 possible Old Port to Falmouth Inn?

Sunday a.m. Carter does shuttle back to PYC for cars?

Important Haul Out Information

Sunday, September 5th, 2010

The J24 and Etchelles Haul Out is on the calendar for Saturday, October 23rd starting 8:00 am at Handy Boat Service.

The reason for the later haul out is to allow for both fleets to participate in the PYC Fall Series and the Sail Maine Leafer’s Last Leg.  Besides…the breeze is just starting to pick up!

Boats that plan to travel to Nationals or Lake George can haul out at the Downeast Regatta after the away boats are out.  Fleet 43 member haul out is not included in the Downeast registration, so fleet 43 boats are expected to pay the $50 haul out fee if they haul out on either September 12th or October 23rd.

If you plan to haul your boat at the Downeast Regatta, please contact the fleet captain, Molly White at, so that a list can be given to Handy Boat Service.

Please remember that visiting boats take priority at haul out.

Thanks for a great season and we hope to see some of you out there for fall sailing!