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Clean Up The Club

Monday, October 25th, 2010

Hello J 24 sailors!

Don’t forget that this Saturday, October 30th from 7:30 am to noon is the PYC Clean UP.
It would be great to have some Fleet 43 sailors out sporting their J24 garb to help clean up the club.  Just swing by for an hour or two to show your support for the fleet and the club!

Thanks in advanced!

Notes From Annual Meeting

Thursday, October 14th, 2010

In Attendance: Steph Helms, Kaighn Smith, Andrew Stern, Sarah Helming, Brent Sullivan, Jeff Smith, Gretchen Sullivan, Mark Klein, Andrew Carey, Tony Jessen, Molly White, Shelly Paules, Jess Harris, and Rich Ketchum

1.    Treasurer’s Report-Shelly
Great year for the fleet, between the Rules Seminar making $500, the Double Handed making $400, more boats and sponsorship for Downeast, didn’t lose money on apparel, and less money spent on food.

2.    Tonini Series-Regattas and scoring
We will keep Tonini Series the same: Pilot, Double Handed, Downeast and Wednesday Night Series 1 and 2.  The drop will also stay the same as 2010.

To try to promote sailing in the PYC Fall Series, Rich Ketchum will donate a J24 trophy for the series.  Hope is to get 5 boats out each weekend and ask Tim Tolford if we can be scored as our own class.

3.    Race Committee
Talked about ways to improve our Wednesday Night RC.  Decided to keep it run by fleet members/boats.  A member from each boat is expected to attend either a Race Management Seminar or the J24 RC Management workshop (put together by Molly, Steph and others.) Attendance to either event will result in a 1st place scoring for the boat.  No attendance will result in a DNS for the first score.  The hope is to provide at least one “expert” on the Lindsay Lord to improve our Race Management.

In addition, Steph and Molly will draft a RC Expectation document that will be presented to all members of the fleet so that we are all on the same page as far as RC is concerned.

4.    Food-Shelly
Shelly presented the information about a new food option for summer 2011.  The cost would be the same as this year $260 per boat if we can guarantee 10 boats.  Since we saved about $450 on food last season, we could credit that to the coming summer’s food.  The list of menu items are as follows and would also include salad and rolls:
Meat Ravioli with sauce
Meat Lasagna
Stuffed Shells with sauce
Portabella Ravioli with Sauce
Mac and Cheese
Beef and Bean Burritos
Cheese Ravioli with sauce
Fried Eggplant with Ricotta and sauce

We polled those at the meeting and we currently have 8 boats that agreed to give the food one more try.  We need to get two more boats on board to make this happen.

We will also schedule 2-3 nights (one per month) of BBQ and bring in sides to change things up a little bit.  Sarah and Molly will coordinate and Steph, Andrew Stern, and Gretchen offered to help grill on those nights.

5.    Chase Boat-Erica
Erica had expressed the concern about not always having a chase boat present on Wed nights.  It is a safety concern as well as having a mark boat speeds up the course setting process.  We will look into purchasing a chase boat to share with the Etchelles and PYC RC.

6.    Dates-Launch/Haul & Start/End of Season
Launch: After a spring districts or May 21st (try to avoid Memorial Day)
Racing begins May 25th or June 1st and Ends Sept 7th
Last two Wed earlier starts. (8/31 and 9/1)
Double handed: August open weekend (Sat or Sun?)
Downeast: September 10th and 11th
Haul Out: Immediately Traveling boats at DE or Monday morning after DE with 2nd Haul out after Fall Series.  Boats can also haul out at Leafer’s if they decide to sail in the event.  Will ask Jay about an earlier haul out-but HSB may only want to do one Saturday.

7.   Downeast Regatta-Event and Chairs
Jess Harris has offered to return as Regatta Co-Chair.  We are still looking for other individuals to Co-Chair or learn the ropes.

We are currently running an “Early Bird” Discount on DE entries from now until November 19th of $200.  Sign up now!

8.    Nominations-this year and next
There were no nominations for this season so the officers will stay the same: Molly White-Fleet Captain, Shelly Paules-Treasurer, and Steph Helms-Race Officer

This will be the last year for all three, so the fleet will need to be looking for the 2011 officers during this next year.

9.    Fleet Awards Night-November 19th
Awards Night will be held at 6:30 pm on the 19th at Andrew Carey’s House.  It will be a potluck.  Rich has offered to supply the booze (we’ll see what that entails.) Evite to come.

10.     Volunteering at SailMaine and PYC
SailMaine Leafer’s Regatta, JOs (next summer) and Shake Down in spring
PYC Fall Clean Up Oct 30th   7:30-noon
PYC Race Committee for the coming season

Over the past years the fleet has been great about helping out SailMaine and PYC when the occasion comes up.  Above are some opportunities to help out both organizations that give a lot to sailing and support our fleet.

It would be great to see our J24 garb floating around SailMaine and PYC during clean up and regattas.  If you have some free time please help out!

11.     Gift to Club-Ideas
Each year the fleet gives a gift to PYC in thanks for the use of the facility and the Lindsay Lord.  If you have any suggestions for this year’s gift please send them to Molly.
One idea would be a gift over two to three years of adding to the deck canvas on the Junior Deck-thus increasing classroom space for Junior Sailing and Downeast Regatta party space. Other thoughts?

12.    Other-Thoughts of what to do with our earned money?
Buy one more mark-yellow or green.
Canvas on the Junior Deck
Scholarships for Travel, Fleet involvement or Junior Sailing
Other suggestions?

Gift for Jimi Cullum for his RC volunteering-Ideas for gift would be welcome.

Annual Meeting Reminder

Sunday, October 10th, 2010

Hope to see everyone (skippers and crew) at the Fleet 43 Annual Meeting!

When: Wednesday October 13th
Time: 6:00 pm
Where: PYC Captain’s Room

This is where the fleet can come together, reflect on the closing season and make plans for Summer 2011.

Currently on the Agenda:
Treasurer’s Report
Tonini Series
Dates-Launch and Haul
Downeast Regatta 2011-Chairs
Chase Boat
Race Committee
End of Season Awards

If you have anything you would like to add to the agenda please let me know-before the meeting.

Annual Meeting

Sunday, October 3rd, 2010

Where:  PYC Captain’s Room

When: Wednesday October 13th

Time: 6:00 pm

Who: Anyone that sails on J24s-please share with your crew!

What: This will be our annual fleet meeting where we can discuss how the season went and plan for the 2011 season.

Meg Fenderson has offered to organize any new nominations for fleet officers.  If you feel that it is time for a change, please contact Meg Fenderson  ( with any nominations.  I am willing to stay on another year as fleet captain unless there are other interested parties.

Among the things to be discussed:

Budget, Food, Tonini Series, Race Committee (how to improve), Downeast Chair (looking for one or co-chairs), New Officers (if nominated), Annual Awards/Dinner

If you have anything more that you would like to add to the agenda please email and let me know.

I look forward to seeing everyone on the 13th!

Help Out PYC RC

Saturday, October 2nd, 2010

Next week is the final Fall Series Race at PYC.  Tim Tolford is looking for one or two more people to help out on the Lindsay Lord for the final race.  It is just for the afternoon, so you wouldn’t have to be there until 11:30 am, the course is set with all government marks so it should be pretty straight forward.

I know that this is a busy time for everyone, but the club does let us use the Lindsay Lord all season for our series and it is always nice to give back.  If any one would be willing to help out, please reply to Tim Tolford ( or me and I will pass it on.

Also, Saturday the 9th there will be a Race Committee Forum open to any interested parties at PYC before Racing-10:30 am.  This is an opportunity for discussion, questions and ideas to be shared about how we can make racing at PYC better.  Please come down and through out some ideas!