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Fleet 43 Update

Monday, March 28th, 2011

As we near the start of the 2011 season, I wanted to follow up on a few items discussed at the annual meeting.  I have copied parts directly from the meeting notes and then added any additional information in BLUE as well as noted the update.

Please let me know if you have any questions.  Hope to see you all at Oasis April 27th for Happy Hour 5 to 8!


4. Food-Shelly
Shelly presented the information about a new food option for summer 2011.  The cost would be the same as this year $260 per boat if we can guarantee 10 boats.  Since we saved about $450 on food last season, we could credit that to the coming summer’s food.  The list of menu items are as follows and would also include salad and rolls:
Meat Ravioli with sauce
Meat Lasagna
Stuffed Shells with sauce
Ravioli with Sauce
Mac and Cheese
Beef and Bean Burritos
Cheese Ravioli with sauce
Fried Eggplant with Ricotta and sauce

We polled those at the meeting and we currently have 8 boats that agreed to give the food one more try.  We need to get two more boats on board to make this happen.

We will also schedule 2 nights (one per month) of BBQ and bring in sides to change things up a little bit.  Sarah and Molly will coordinate and Steph, Andrew Stern, and Gretchen offered to help grill on those nights.

Update: At the Annual Meeting 8 boats said that they would do J24 food.  I would really appreciate an email confirmation to make sure you are in for the food before we make a commitment to Shawn.  So far I have heard from Hankey, Al, and McGee-please email me and confirm your food plan.

BBQ nights tentatively scheduled for July 13 and August 10.

3.    Race Committee
Talked about ways to improve our Wednesday Night RC.  Decided to keep it run by fleet members/boats.  A member from each boat is expected to attend either a Race Management Seminar or the J24 RC Management workshop (put together by Molly, Steph and others.) Attendance to the event will result in a 1st place scoring for the boat.  No attendance will result in a DNS for the first score.  The hope is to provide at least one “expert” on the Lindsay Lord to improve our Race Management.

In addition, Steph and Molly will draft a RC Expectation document that will be presented to all members of the fleet so that we are all on the same page as far as RC is concerned.

Update: The RC night will be held on June 25th during regular Wednesday night time.  Anyone that would like to help plan and present this please email Molly White or Stephanie Helms

5. Chase Boat
Erica had expressed the concern about not always having a chase boat present on Wed nights.  It is a safety concern as well as having a mark boat speeds up the course setting process.  We will look into purchasing a chase boat to share with the Etchelles and PYC RC.
Update: The Etchelles fleet captain, the PYC race officer, Junior Program Director, and Water Front Manager and I met to discuss the possibility of sharing a chase boat.  We came up with an agreement to share a chase boat between PYC Race, the Etchelles Fleet and Fleet 43.  The three groups will share the 18 foot Maritime Skiff.
This will be an advantage to the fleet for many reasons; After 4 Man-Over-Boards from J24’s (2 on Wednesday nights, we realized how crucial it is to have a second maneuverable boat on the race course, a chase boat will enable race committee to more easily adjust or shorten courses to improve Wednesday Night Racing, we will have a mark boat for DE, and we will be able to get great photos of out fleet in action.

6.    Dates-Launch/Haul & Start/End of Season
Launch: After a spring districts or May 21st (try to avoid Memorial Day)
Racing begins May 25th or June 1st and Ends Sept 7th
Last two Wed earlier starts. (8/31 and 9/1)
Double handed: August open weekend (Sat or Sun?)
: September 10th and 11th
Haul Out: Immediately Traveling boats at DE or Monday morning after DE with 2nd Haul out after Fall Series.  Boats can also haul out at Leafer’s if they decide to sail in the event.  Will ask Jay about an earlier haul out-but HSB
may only want to do one Saturday.

Update: All these dates have been set please visit the fleet calendar

7.   Downeast Regatta-Event and Chairs
Jess Harris has offered to return as Regatta Co-Chair.  We are still looking for other individuals to Co-Chair or learn the ropes.

We are currently running an “Early Bird” Discount on DE entries from now until November 19th of $200.  Sign up now!

Update: Monday April 11th we will be meeting at Rich Ketchum’s house (Old Power House rd. Falmouth) to work on Downeast Regatta planning-all are welcome!

“Early Bird” $200 Downeast Special ends on Friday April 1st!  Sign up now-we already have 10 boats.

8.    Nominations-this year and next
There were no nominations for this season so the officers will stay the same: Molly White-Fleet Captain, Shelly Paules-Treasurer, and Steph Helms-Race Officer

This will be the last year for all three, so the fleet will need to be looking for the 2011 officers during this next year.

Update: Looking for folks to work on nominating new fleet officers for the 2012 season.

Regatta Information

Sunday, March 27th, 2011

Remember that any member of the J24 class sailing in a district, regional, or national event in 2011, can sail in Rochester Worlds 2012.  So get these events on your calendars!

District 1 Championships-June 18-19 at Jubilee Yacht Club Beverly, MA
Northeast Regionals-September 17-18 at Harlem Yacht Club City Island, NY

Farewell to Jim Dodd

Friday, March 18th, 2011

Fleet 43 says farewell to one of our own, Jim Dodd passed away on Thursday.  For many years he was an active member of Fleet 43.  He will be missed.

Downeast Regatta Planning

Wednesday, March 16th, 2011

Hey Everyone,

Jess and I are looking for some creative and ambitious people to help out with the planning of this year’s Downeast Regatta.

If you would like to help out with this, have suggestions, or ways to improve an already spectacular regatta, please join us!

We will be meeting on Monday April 11th at 6:00pm at Rich Ketchum’s house.  (email if you need directions)

We look forward to seeing you all there!  As always, please share this information with others I may have missed that would be interested.)

Molly and Jess