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Racing Wrap Up, May 28th

Thursday, May 29th, 2014
Tremendous clearing of the sky late in the late afternoon brought sun (rare this May!) and temps in the 40’s, maybe 50. Ski hats and layered apparel were prevalent. Wind blew in middling fashion, beginning toward east ending toward south- lightening as the evening progressed. 2 races set east of Clapboard, course 1: D (red flasher Indian Point)-L (drop mark)-X, course 2- reset for 45 degree right shift- W(drop mark)-X. Start lines square and weather legs reasonably upwind in both races, downwind legs became one jibe affairs given the persistent right shift. By the end of the second race the wind was close to 90 degrees right of where it began before race #1. Tide was incoming the whole evening, pushing the fleet right to left. Most boats headed left upwind to take advantage of the shallower water. Racing and finishes were fairly close- no runaway winners or deep latecomers. Notably Subito managed to lose their main halyard up the mast prior to the first race.They proceeded to Handy Boat where aggressive heeling and exciting mast climbing captured the main halyard. Subito then returned to the race area for race 2 and won the race. Nice effort!
Anthony R. Jessen, PRO for the night

First Wednesday Night of Racing

Sunday, May 25th, 2014

Race Results 5/21/14:
It was a beautiful cool evening with a nice 10 MPH breeze out of the South that held for the entire night. Jeffah set the table nicely for the 10 boats that came out to race with two square windward leeward courses. The fleet tended to favor the right which seemed to work better upwind. Nick Danbury won the first and longer of the two races after a vicious tacking duel.  Perfect timing on the second race as a fog bank crossed the line right after the last finishers.  There was a good mix of finishes between the first and second race and the fleet managed to drain every drop of a bottle of vodka left over from last summer. Looks like we will be seeing some more boats out this week.

1Steve, 2Mr. Hankey,3Denali,4WTF,5Subito,6Draco,7Vagabond,8Pit Party,9Manana,10Bad Apple
Race 2:
1Mr. Hankey,2Pit Party,3Manana,4Steve,5Draco,6Denali,7WTF,8Vagabond,9Subito,10Bad Apple.

Fleet launch, Race Management Seminar, Racing Starts in 1 Week

Wednesday, May 14th, 2014

Thanks for all the folks who dropped by PYC tonight to go over things.

Some key reminders – if you are going to launch your boat this Saturday, please be ready to go in when your appointed time occurs but please be flexible and have a sense of humor as we have not tried this before.

For your launch fee of $100, please pay by check.  Handy Boat prefers that to cash in this case.

There is a wonderful Race Management Seminar on May 24 at PYC put on by US Sailing. Check their website and sign up if you can. Feel free to email or call me (210 0794) if you want more info on that.

Racing starts May 21, 6PM.


Andrew C