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Early Start Reminder, Wednesday Night, Tomorrow, 8/26/15

Tuesday, August 25th, 2015

Just a reminder that tomorrow evening the Race Committee will be planning for first gun at 5:30.


Double Handed August 16th, Reminder

Wednesday, August 12th, 2015

Just a reminder our Double Handed Regatta is coming up this weekend on Sunday.

It looks like we will have 5 or more boats based on response so far so this likely will be scored in the series.

Jeffah Smith has graciously offered to do RC.  Skippers meeting at PYC at 11:30, PYC, no entry fee for Fleet 43 Members.

Any questions, call Andrew.

See you on the water.

Racing, Wed, 8/5/2015

Tuesday, August 4th, 2015
  • It is “Molly White Night”  That is correct, a night dedicated to Molly in celebration of her birthday and all of the work she is doing for our North American Championship Regatta.
  • Bill Green will be on the scene videoing some of the J/24 racing action doing a preview story about the J/24 North American Championships we are hosting in September.  Let’s make sure to give him a good show by getting as many boats on the line as possible.  Bill will be interviewing Carter & Molly and may want a few additional interviews from our Fleet members.
  • Possible TV exposure for you and your boat!  Be on the dock early if you want to get your boat on TV.  Sail as fast as you can to follow or beat Sea Bags/Al and you might be filmed while racing too.
  • Side Hustle, your RC for the night, will provide on the water treats for each racing boat.
  • The weather looks fantastic – mostly sunny, with a high near 76 & west wind 5 to 10 mph.
  • According to, The Mayflower departed Southampton, England on August 5th (in 1620) on its first attempt to reach North America.  If they can do it, we can do it!
  • A birthday usually means cake & ice cream.  Wow!  Last one to the club gets only the remaining scraps if there are any.
  • Regular awards & fun awards can be purchased after racing.  Oops, we mean distributed.
  • Post-race Q&A with any boats that made a noteworthy maneuver on the course – learn from the competition & up your game for NAs.
  • Side Hustle is doing RC.  Need we say more.


If for some reason your boat isn’t racing this Wednesday, try to get out on another J24 or go out in a power boat to watch.  The more involvement, the better.


We look forward to seeing all of you this Wednesday.


Your friends on Side Hustle

Wednesday July 29 Wrap Up

Monday, August 3rd, 2015
The crew of Seabags Sailing Team/Al ran Race Committee last week.  What started out looking like a night with no wind and possibly thunderstorms turned out great.  Manana was out early practicing their upwind and downwind moves. There were ten boats on the line as we went into the first start, a WX2 using the C11 for the windward mark.  New comer to the fleet, Jasmine pulled of a nice start, although late, into clear air. Making the count 11, Junior Sailing boat Catamount arrived at the line a minute or so behind and headed upwind. Gretchen Sullivan and the team on Draco were first around the windward mark and held their lead to win race one. Catamount took the left side up the course, choosing not to follow but do something different.  This paid off with a second place in race 1, with Mr. Hankey right on their heels.
Race 2 started with the same course but using the orange drop mark for the windward mark. Mr. Hankey nailed the start, port tacking the fleet.  Denali was in the lead at the first windward mark as some tight racing progressed downwind.  Regaining the lead and reacting to a wind shift, Mr. Hankey jibed their kite at the leeward mark.  The rest of the fleet dowsed and were able to sail a bit higher.  Racing was close as Hankey, Denali and Side Hustle sailed the final downwind leg.  Denali pulled out a first followed very closely by the Hankey crew.
After racing the sailors enjoyed Mt. Gay rum and snacks, as the top boats, Denali, Draco, Catamount, and Mr. Hankey,  shared the secrets to their success.  This was a great opportunity to talk about tactics and to ask questions.  One of the big take aways from the talk was the importance of boat trim in addition to sail trim. Some boats were not flat enough, whereas others were too flat.  It is important to constantly be adjusting weight and roll tacking in the light air.  In light air, crew weight should be more forward. Downwind 2 to 3 people in front of the mast and weight all the way out to the rail.  Upwind the bow person should be just in front of the shrouds with rest of crew behind, weight consolidated.
RC took lots of picture, which you can see on the J24 Fleet 43 Facebook page.  Next week’s RC, Side Hustle reports that there will be an on the water treat for sailors, so please come out. We are hoping to continue the sharing as we get ready to sail North Americans in September.
Molly MacMillan White