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Results and Save the Date

Thursday, August 24th, 2017

Results from last night and the Schooner Trophy race have been posted and updated online.

Check out the Tonini Series and Summer Series results here:


Next Two Wednesday Night Races will start early at 5:30pm


Thanks to the crew of Bouncing Betty for getting us two races last night.  Unfortunately the wind shifted 30 degrees at about 5:25 or they probably would have been able to start on time.  Also it didn’t help that PYC staff didn’t have the boats ready for them on the dock as usual.  This has been communicated to the staff and shouldn’t happen again.


Next week is the crew of Mr. Hankey and the following week will be James Cullum and as many of the Downeast Regatta RC team as possible.


Save the date:

Labor Day September 4th will be the Double-handed Regatta with a start time of 2pm as well as the Moonlight regatta with a start time of around 6pm and finish around 8:30pm – launch closes at 9pm that night.  This will be a great way to end the summer season and a lot of fun.  Not a lot of crew needed so boat owners make sure you don’t miss out!  A Notice of Race with more details will be posted next week.