Series II Action Commences

Fleet 43 had 13 boats out this week for the (delayed) start of Wednesday Series II.  The day’s hot, clear weather generated a fairly steady 6-8 knots seabreeze that held in until after sundown, a marked improvement after last Wednesday’s windless, foggy weather.  Kudos to Matt Blakeman and the Kinda Blue crew for setting up such a nice course (3/4 mile windward leg,  square line just the right length for a tight start), for getting off two races and for good work on the signals.)

An incoming tide favored the Falmouth shore, but the left side had more consistent breeze and a nice left-hand shift in the corner and the fleet split on all three windward legs without either side gaining a major advantage. Flying Chicken won the evening with a 1-2.  They key to victory?  Ed Rowe was at the helm for the first time this year. (No offense to rookie driver, Rich Carlson, who has been getting better every week and wasn’t really rookie-like anyway.) Mr. Hankey (that’s Hankey with an “e”) took second with a 3-1 and Mark Klein finally returned from vacation to log an overall third sailing a 4-3, with Carter White at the helm in at least the second race.

Fleet 43 is expecting 6 boats for the Handy Boat Regatta this Saturday. Some of the boats may need crew, if anyone whose boat is not sailing wants a ride, give me a buzz.


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