Fleet 43 Wednesday Series I Wraps Up

Fleet 43 finished the first 7-week 2007 Wednesday Night Series on a fabulous night for sailing.  With the wind blowing 12-16 knots and fog pouring in the Hussey, Denali’s RC crew lead 12 boats over to the western end of the anchorage an set up a long WL using C11 (The Brothers’ can) as a windward mark.  Two races were held; the first WL2 and the second WL.  The legs were fairly long and even with the strong, steady breeze, the first race took an hour to complete.  The course was also set up perfectly to split the fleet – square line, more wind on the left, but less tide on the right.  It seemed like crew work and keeping the boats flat and moving forward were the keys to success. 

Al, with Carter White at the helm, dominated the evening with two bullets.  He was consistently flatter and pointing higher than everyone else.  When I asked him after the race how his rig was tuned, he replied, “For about 8 knots”.  So how did he keep the boat so flat and high? (He is willing to share his secrets if you ask.) 

Results:1st Race: Al, Flying Circus, Second Chance2nd Race: Al, Mr Hankey, Second ChanceFor the Evening: Al, Flying Circus, Second Chance 

Not long after the fleet got to the anchorage, the fog engulfed everything . . . perfect timing. 


Series Wrap-upWe sailed 6 of the seven weeks of the series with only one week featuring a total lack of wind.  We sailed 12 races and had 12 or 13 boats on the line every week. 

For the 2007 Wednesday Night Series I, the final results were as follows: 

Place Boat Skipper Points
1 Second Chance Jeff Smith 11.43
2 Al Mark Klein 14.66
3 Flying Circus Howard Coon 19.00
4 Mr. Hanky Andrew Carey 24.00
5 Denali Tony Jessen 29.34
6 Bad Apple Bruce Morse 31.00
7 Flying Chicken Rich Carlson 33.00
8 Bouncing Betty Chris Kuhn 53.00
9 Pit Party S. Fernald/R. Ketchum 55.00
10 Kinda Blue Matt Blakeman 61.00
11 Impetuous S. Neal/S. Gill 65.00
12 Draco Gretchen Kinsey 65.60
13 Belafonte Nick Dambrie 76.00
14 Jazazzi Jim Dodd 78.00
15 Insecurity Dan Holt 78.66

 Wednesday the 18th starts the second 7-week series. 


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