Online Registration is low live for 2018

You can now register for the 2018 J24 Fleet 43 Season Online by clicking the link below:

Note the price is $195 before May 16th and $275 on or after May 17th

This is a reduction in costs over last year!!!!!

Also to make things smoother on launch day you will be required to be registered for the fleet 43 season and have paid the launch fee through Fleet 43 as Handy Boat will not be accepting cash or check any longer.

So your Fee for the 2018 season before launch date if you are launching at Handy Boat Serivce on May 12th is at least $295 for the Fleet registration and $100 launch fee.   You can also prepay the haul out fee of $100 altogether for a total of $395.

Here are some other helpful links for more information:

The J24 Fleet 43 Calendar for 2018 and the Tonini Series Notice of Race which includes all weekend races, Wednesday Night Races and more have been published.

Click here for the season calendar:

Click here for the Notice of Race for eligibility and scoring details:

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