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Fleet Haul Out Sept 20

September 9th, 2014

  Hello All,
Here’s the plan for the fleet haul out.

It will happen on September 20th, Saturday, at 8 AM, at Handy Boat. Be there early. Have your mast down.

The plan is for J24’s  to GO FIRST, ahead of the Etchells. We are after all the more cool, young and hip fleet.

Also good news, if you cannot make the 20th, talk to Brent Sullivan at Handy Boat. If you are doing the Fall Series or cruising down the coast or staying in to do the Handy Boat Regatta or something, he is willing to work a deal with you.



Wed Aug 27 Race night.

August 24th, 2014

Greetings fleet 43!

In an effort to have some more fun, Mr. Hankey, this week’s race committee, will be offering some special awards.  So remind your crew to hang around after the racing.  We wanted to give you a heads up so that you could prepare. Some possibilities might include-
*  Most coordinated effort (open to interpretation)
*  Best dressed team  (we saw many of you on the fourth of July–now have some fun on the 13th of August)
*  Fanciest yacht
And finally,
*  Most coordinated drinking performance (must be completed on the water and if anyone on the team is under the age of 21 (or doesn’t partake in consuming alcohol) then they must coordinate with an appropriate beverage.

* Other…….

We’ll see if we can capture some photos worthy of the J24 calendar!
Looking forward to another night of yachting on our beautiful Casco Bay.

REMEMBER, start at 5:30.

See you Wed.
Team  Mr. Hankey

Wednesday Night Racing This Week, Aug 13

August 12th, 2014

Looks like there is likely going to be a good breeze tomorrow night.

Please remind your crews and crews remind your skippers to stick around at PYC by the fireplace after the race as we will be providing refreshments and maybe even some special awards.

Andrew C

Cast your Vote, 2015 J24 Photo Contest

August 8th, 2014

The 2015 J24 class calendar contest is up on Facebook page of J24-Class-Association, here is the link:


The top six photos with the most “likes” will be in the calendar.

Check it out,   including some Fleet 43 Downeast Photos, cast your vote, enjoy.

This Week // Reminders

August 4th, 2014

Just some reminders:

Friday night August 8th is the annual moonlight race.

Sunday August 10th is the Double Handed Regatta.

We still need volunteers for Race Committee Sunday.

Wednesday night August 6th is your last chance to get your check to me, made out to Holy Martyrs Church, to express your thanks for letting our fleet park in their lot.


Andrew C


Time To Thank Holy Martyrs

July 28th, 2014

   Over the years our neighbors at Holy Martyrs Church have graciously allowed us to use their parking lot which has been a big help to our fleet and Wednesday night racing.
In the past we have solicited donations to Holy Martyrs on behalf of the PYC sailing community.   Please donate today and help us thank them for the use of their lot. They are not expecting this. Several years ago we made a donation and they were both surprised and very grateful.
   Make your check out to Holy Martyrs Church in any amount and I will be collecting donations over the next couple of weeks after racing.The Etchells and Thursday night racers will also be contributing.

Andrew C

Parking at PYC Wednesday Nights

July 22nd, 2014

Just a gentle reminder that we are now in high season at PYC and the club has asked that only members with stickers on their cars park at PYC on Wednesday nights. They have noted several nonmember cars in the lot over the last few weeks. In the past they have towed vehicles that were not supposed to be there.
Please remind any nonmember folks on your boat to park at the church.
Andrew C

Downeast Regatta

July 15th, 2014
Hey Fleet 43 family!
The Downeast Regatta and Northeast Regional Championships is this coming September 6th and 7th.
In order to continue to host a successful event, we need the help of all fleet 43 members, friends and families. I am starting to organize volunteers for the event. Below is a list of areas that we need support in.  If there is an area that you think you or your crew would do best, please don’t hesitate to volunteer. Remember “many hands make light work.”
We will be looking for a lot of volunteers but here are the areas that we really need support:
Clean up Friday, Sat, and or Sunday
Set up of tent and deck before Friday night-chairs, tables, table clothes and lights
Take down of tent Sunday-chairs, tables and lights
Bartending Friday night
Apparel sales Friday night, sat/sun morning, sat/sun night
Help with launch and haul at handy’s
Breakfast set up Sat/Sun
Breakfast purchasing
Breakfast clean up
Sunday after race BBQ
Transport of BBQ gear to HBS
RC and Mark Boat
Protest Committee
Housing away boats
Again, please let me know where you can help out.  You do not have to be participating in the event to volunteer.
Molly MacMillan White

Tips and pointers on doing the Bow Tues. June 17th

June 14th, 2014
Our  BOW Night  is coming up this week,  Tuesday June 17th in the Captain’s Room,PYC starting at 6:00 pm. Email Molly if you have any  specific questions or items you would like covered.

Molly MacMillan White

June 11 Race Summary

June 12th, 2014

In spite of some traffic problems on the Rt 88 bridge into Falmouth,  our fleet and race committee managed to get to PYC, get out and get off an on time start this week. Team Spontaneous ‘TCFKAI’ (The Crew Formerly Known As Impetuous) kept their cool, went well out with the weather mark and set two nice courses getting  in two   races in a southerly that held well through the evening  beginning to pooch out  at the end of the second race. Pitt Party sailed a mighty fine 1st race winning handily and Second Chance tied for first for the evening. Nice sailing Jeffa and Rich.

After the race we all found a keg of beer waiting behind the bar generously provided by Nick Dambrie (Dambrie Garon Real Estate experts at RE/MAX By The Bay / Oasis)  for our apres race gathering. It looks like Nick will graciously be replenishing the beer in the coming weeks. He  not only sails but keep in mind he can also sell your house. Thanks so much nick for the frothy nectar.

See you all next week when WTF has the honors of running the program.