J24 Fleet 43 Meeting MINUTES: 2/6/19

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J24 Fleet 43 Winter

Organizational Meeting

Meeting Minutes

Wednesday, February 6th, 2019


2019 Fleet 43 Officers:

• Fleet Captain: Sarah Helming

• Race Officer: Nate Huber

• Treasurer: Rob Garofoli

• Secretary: Molly White

• Downeast Regatta Chair: Spencer Howe

• Website Chair: Carter White

• Social Chair Katie Drake


Meeting Minutes

Welcome & Introductions: Sarah

a. Sarah, new fleet captain, introduced herself:

  • Works now at Portland Museum of Art in Philanthropy

  • Has sailed in the fleet for over 10 years

  • Mostly with Gretchen Sullivan on Draco

  • Daughter named Caroline

  • First boat owned was a Turnabout named Popcorn

  • Sails with Rabble Rouser currently

b. In Attendance:

  1. Spencer Howe (Rabble Rouser)

  2. Emily Carville (Seabags)

  3. Jess Harris (Seabags)

  4. Nate Huber (WTF)

  5. Rob Garfolio (Subito)

  6. Michael (new)

  7. Charlotte Kinkade (Rabble Rouser)

  8. Eliza Price (Boreas)

  9. Chip (Whatever)

  10. Katie Drake (Angry Squirrel)

  11. Andrew Carey (Mr. Hankey)

  12. Steph Helms (Returns/Mr. Hankey)

  13. Jeff Smith (Second Chance)

  14. Dean Marvin (Denali)

  15. Shelly Paules (Bad Apple)

  16. Sarah Helming (Rabble Rouser)

  17. Sarah Mallory (Second Chance)

  18. Raymond (new)

  19. Nicole B (working on GMORA yearbook)

New Website & Email List: By Carter

  • a. www.J24fleet43.org

  • b. Shout out to Hall Web services for hosting fleet website for the last 14 years!

  • c. We are now using Square-Space System.

  • d. Useable on phone, tablet, and computers-should all look the same.

  • e. Fleet news posted on homepage.

  • f. Different events listed with history.

  • g. “About” page has a write up about the fleet and list of all the fleet boats. Can correct info or add info to add to your boat post.

  • h. Join our email list-emails come from our web system. If crew wants more info encourage them to join email list from page.

  • i. If you are getting an email from the fleet recently, you are all signed up.

  • j. All results from the past website are on there.

  • k. Same address as the old site and is “live”.

2019 Fleet Schedule:

  1. Fleet schedule is on website. LINK

  2. Next organization meeting for fleet will take place on Wednesday, April 24th and another meeting will take place on Wednesday, July 17th. Plus, we will have a season wrap-up at the end of Oct.

  3. Snowflake Regatta is coming up March 16th & 17th-Super fun!

  4. There are RC and Judge Seminars hosted by PYC coming up. Great information and learning. $ 70-Even if you do not want to be involved with RC, it can still help you on the race course.

  5. Fleet Launch May 11th.

  6. RC Orientation-to how to day RC review May 15th

  7. Tune up is happening later-June 5th when boats are all put together.

  8. Nate: Are we racing on July 3rd? Majority voted yes!

NOR-(Draft)-Nate Huber

a. We are racing on July 3rd.

b. Spring Series are 6 nights and Summer Series 9 nights.

c. We have several series but it’s easier to have one NOR than one for each.

d. Tonini Series will be spring, summer and list of regattas also included-open to discussion. (Interclub will not be included)

e. NOR is based on last year. You must be registered for DE to qualify for Tonini.

f. State of Maine Trophy

  • in the past has been one regatta. This year it will be every race that is not a Wed night race.

  • Gives other boats an opportunity to win it.

  • A DNS is scored the number of boats registered in the j24 series at the time of the race, plus one.

  • There is a drop of 35%

g. Same hull to be scored in that series-declare your hull.

h. Dry sailing a boat? Point of discussion

i. Using Appendix T for arbitration and can be extended to full protest. Are we OK with that?

j. Alternative penalty-V-1-we have been using for years. 1 turn-no comment

k. Practice Start? Do we do it?

  • Concerns about time to get there?

  • Wasting day light?

  • Spencer- Practice Start for Spring series and not in summer

  • Carter: Reason for practice start 80% for practice start and 20% for racers. Making sure the line is correctly set and square and gear is working.

  • Molly-Many crew members have started to drive practice start which builds confidence

  • Katie-Practice start helps new to RC people get settled and run through it.

l. No limit to racing-currently. Jeffa wants only 2 quality races so people are not getting in later of trying to squeeze in for average points.

Budget-Rob G

a. Currently have $2,300 in budget

b. We have been saving for major events like NAs and Nationals-we don’t need to do that currently.

c. We don’t need to grow fleet funds right now.

d. Fleet dues $195

e. Weekly awards-looking to change weekly awards

f. End of year banquet & Social Budget-important to spend on those line items to help keep everyone engaged and feeling welcome.

g. No regatta hosting fees

h. PYC-gift is important, should up the gift number from $200.

i. Do we up dues?

j. Do we increase fleet gift to PYC-On average we have done a $500 a year or $1000 every other year?

a. Steph suggests just giving money to the PYC RC and let them choose.

k. Downeast has always been a profit except for NAs and Nationals.

l. Shelly-How long have the dues been at $195?

m. Would people be ok if we raised it $225?

n. Shelly Paules 2nded the increase.

o. Revisit Friends of Fleet 43-Regular racers pay $25 toward fleet membership. Possible sticker.

p. Steph would like to see a line item for regatta income and expenses.

q. Dean Marvin - Dinghy has fallen into gift of repair

r. Etchells fleet usually gives $1,000 to PYC and has also given money to SailMaine.

s. Please promote that any crew member can buy dinner with a CC or cash.

Downeast Regatta-Spencer Howe September 7th -9th

a. Registration will open end of Feb or early March

b. Will be on class calendar next week

c. There will be line items for this event

d. Sarah wants to keep P&L separate.

e. Spencer will go over DE regatta plan at April meeting.

f. Seabags has already been secured

g. Spencer is building a list of sponsor ideas

h. Who do we want for PRO? In house? Or away?

i. 2-day regatta with three-day fleet involvement from volunteer fleet members.

j. Spencer will be reaching out for coordinators to help with this event. Fleet 43 should Race and Participate!

k. Molly will do housing

Fleet Fun-Katie Drake

a. Hang out after racing eat snacks and drink beer

b. 2 nights to eat upstairs and get together and spend quality time together.

c. Pre-season: Social Hour May 11th after fleet launch or Wed May 15th the week before.

a. 11th-11

b. 15th-Nate Huber-only one

d. Fleet dinner June 19th and Aug 28-BBQ dinner or work with Stacy. Sailors pay for their own. Fleet will throw in for apps or beverages.

e. Fun Regatta-Leave PYC and race a distance and spend the weekend distance racing and cruising-not part of Tonini just for fun. Hoping for a lobster bake one of the nights. Could do anchor start...etc.

Thoughts & Ideas email Sarah! Helmingsarah8 (at) gmail.com

All great ideas you guys! Thank you!

Molly White

Fleet43 Secretary