Please vote — 2019 Sailing Instructions for J24 Fleet 43

Please vote — 2019 Sailing Instructions for J24 Fleet 43

We are asking for you to vote on 2 sections of the 2019 Sailing Instructions:

  1. The Practice Start that was implemented two years ago - It seems that some sailors really like them, and other sailors really wish we did not have them.

  2. Whether we should limit the number of races per Wednesday night to two maximum.

As written, the Sailing Instructions currently include the Practice Start as a required item (Race Committee may do this up to 10 minutes before the scheduled start time), and the number of races to be run can be up to 3, taking into account weather conditions and daylight available.

However, in deference to fleet members who might want a different result and to get as much pertinent membership sentiment on these issues, I am holding an 'e-mail' vote.

The rules are simple:

  1. Each boat that has paid 2019 J24 Fleet43 dues gets one vote.

  2. Vote via e-mail - 

  3. End of voting (i.e., get your e-mail to the above address) by Monday May 20, 2019 8 pm.

  4. Must have a quorum of at least 5 boats submitting a vote on each issue for the outcome to change current SI.

Just tell me in the email: Your Name, Boat Name and Practice Start - Yes/No, Number of races limited to 2 - Yes/No.

Nate Huber, Fleet43 Race Officer
email -