This event originally organized by J24 Fleet 43 in 1978 the Championship was designed to see who is the best J/24 team in the state of Maine. The event traveled to all the other fleets in Maine including; Camden, Boothbay and Mount Desert where there were also strong fleets of J24s. Now the event is typically sailed in Casco Bay where Fleet 43 is the largest fleet remaining in Maine.

The 2019 State of Maine Championship will include races from the following events:

  • Centerboard Regatta

  • Pilot Regatta

  • Harraseeket Regatta

  • Schooner Trophy Race

  • MS Regatta

  • Double-handed Regatta

  • Downeast Regatta

To be counted, any event must have at least three J/24 boats to start at least one race.


For scoring purposes, only the finishes of the J/24’s at the above events will be counted using RSS Appendix A.

RRS Appendix A Low Point System will be amended such that 35% (rounded down to the nearest whole number) of completed races of the series, of a boat’s worst scores, will not be counted.

Past State of Maine Championship Winners….

1979Exuberance888Jack Burwell
1980Exuberance888Jack Burwell
1980Nancy H.1065Win Fowler
1981Slap ShotTony Parker
1982Nancy H.1065Win Fowler
1983Diogenes3139Jay Corson/Tony Parker
1984American Garage3379Kevin & Lance Mahaney
1985Airplay3368Parker Hadlock
1986Airplay3368Parker Hadlock
1987Reprise4413Win Fowler
1988Reprise4413Win Fowler
1989Flying Chicken2551Ed Rowe
1990Airplay3368Parker Hadlock
1991Flying Chicken2551Ed Rowe
1992American Garage3379Steve Ullian
1993Windflower2508James Flowerdew
1994Local Talent4207Tom Brown
1995Flying Chicken2551Ed Rowe
1996Illustrious1029Mike Casey
1997Williwaw3351Bonnie Watson/Peter Conover
1998High Five3760Mark Toso
1999USA 31453145Will Welles
2000Patriot2123Tom Sitzmann
2001Bad Apple3361Tom Hall/Bruce Morse
2002Ghost2808Jeff Dinse
2003Williwaw3315Jeff Dinse
2004USA 31453145Will Welles
2005AL2785Mark Klein
2006AL2785Mark Klein
2007On the Beach4446Lee Buress
2008Rooster2329Charlie Enright
2009AL2785Carter White
2010AL2785Carter White
2011AL2785Carter White
2012AL2785Carter White
2013AL2785Carter White
2014Second Chance850Jeff Smith
2015Mr. Hankey1530Dr. Andrew Carey
2016Sea Bags2785Carter White
2017Sea Bags2785Carter White
2018Vagabond4147Carter White